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Some of you may know I created and sold a company called DanceLife that I started when I was 21. DanceLife was my baby…born from 4 bank loans for a $25K website. I often tell people that this business was my University Degree.

But today I wanted to talk with you about live events. I launched DanceLife Unite which was a huge dance competition under the DanceLife umbrella. This event completely turned my business around. Since creating the competition, which drove about 10,000 people to the event and generated revenue through 4 different avenues, I’ve worked with large corporates such as Fairfax and small business owners to create and execute profitable live events. You probably also know that I run live events through my company each year.

When I sit down with my small business clients most of them have never thought of running an event. Of course I’m not talking about selling tickets to an arena that holds 10,000 people (Tony Robbins style). I’m talking about holding an event to:

a) Add value to your current client relationships

b) Start Members Only VIP nights where you might offer a discount off products

c) Provide information to educate people about your business and services (with drinks and food)

There are SO many different types of events you could offer and each of them can be highly valuable and profitable for your business to run.

I wanted to share with you a few event ideas you could run for your business that I’ve worked on with my clients.

Photographer – Exhibition

There are so many small spaces around that would be perfect for an exhibition to showcase your work. Invite people via email and social media and encourage people to share the event with their friends. You could get a small drink sponsor on board, provide some small nibbles and promote your work and services.

Gym or Cross Fit Club – Open Day

Run an open day at your club on a Saturday where you do complimentary work outs, challenges and provide a BBQ at the end of the day. This is a great way to drive new memberships. Encourage your current members to bring 3 friends each and give them an incentive for doing so.

Retail Store – VIP Members Only Event

I hinted on this one before. Reward your great customers by having a VIP night where you might give them a percentage discount throughout the entire store. It’s easy to also set up a DJ and some light refreshments. This is another great way to encourage new sales while making your current customers feel special.

Now it’s your turn! Brainstorm event ideas with your team for your business and make it happen. Have a clear objective and start letting people know that it’s happening. Need more help around creating the perfect event strategy for your business? Let’s chat.



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